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Our Background

Leroy Connelly started Connelly Machine Works after his navy service as a trained Machinist mate. He had a natural talent for fixing and manufacturing parts, stemming from his youth growing up on a family farm in Idaho. His ability to fix and make parts as needed became his passion while serving his country. He managed the machine shop at Tustin air station for several years and decided to open his own company in 1946 in Santa Ana to help service a growing need for machine services in central Orange County. CMW is still in the same location, starting at one end of Terminal Street in a 2,000 sq. ft. building and since then growing and expanding to 20,000 sq. ft. of both CNC and conventional machinery by purchasing the buildings next door. CMW started with one man who answered phones, took orders, manufactured, and hand-delivered parts. Leroy then had three sons that all worked in the family business. Bob Connelly worked in the shop while going to college at night. He moved on to pursue a career in the banking industry. John Connelly and Ray Connelly ran the business until John retired in the late 90’s. Now both Ray Connelly and his son Scott Connelly run CMW. Today CMW proudly employs 35 full-time employees to handle all of the day-to-day activities.

At Connelly Machine Works, we focus our attention on making precision components for both the Aerospace and heavy industry. Our competitive edge comes from quality individuals with years of service to the machining industry. We feel strongly that these individuals are the key to our continuing success as a leader in the manufacturing industry. In 1946 Orange County was a farming community. CMW was the place to go when a tractor broke. From our humble beginnings of fixing tractors, we changed with the times to service the industrial needs of southern California. Today CMW serves the Aerospace and industrial needs of both local and interstate companies across the country.

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